Sacha's interest in jewellery began forty-two years ago as a little girl aged ten.

She started working with her father on his antique stall in London's Portobello Market.

She gained valuable experience and handling of jewellery amongst many other collectable antiques.

From this early age, her interest grew more and more leading to Sacha eventually dealing herself in antique jewellery at the age of thirty.

In 2017, her lifelong ambition to design and make jewellery became a reality.

She met a wonderful, talented artist and jeweller, Richard F. Burns, now a treasured friend.

He taught her traditional skills in silversmithing and here she gained expertise and knowledge by having weekly lessons for a few years with Richard - a very memorable and cherished time in her life.

The time came for her to share her work and SACHA JEWELLERY was born.

Sacha has a particular interest in the Arts & Crafts movement.

Everything from architecture to interior design, textiles and especially jewellery.

Being brought up in a house full of antiques, including Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Arts & Crafts pieces - she feels this has greatly influenced her taste and direction in life.

She loves Colour and anything Copper.

She has a passion for nature and is inspired particularly by insects being, Dragonflies, Beetles and Bees, which she has several tattoos of.

She loves food, cooking and loud music.

Sacha lives in a lovely part of Dorset, with the New Forest and sandy beaches being on her doorstep.

She is a huge animal and nature lover.

Her studio is based in Dorset, where her work is created and her brain is forever buzzing with ideas.

She loves anything rustic and while being a slight perfectionist, curiously likes things to be "not so perfect".

Sacha is proud to say that her work is now Assayed in London at the Goldsmiths Company Assay Office.